CLICK MAKE is a weekly curation of patterns and compositions that came to life during a senior year like no other. Armed with only a phone and a healthy dose of curiosity, I embarked on a personal project that was a huge learning in experimentation and discovery.

From arbitrary photos taken each week to self-imposed limitations, CLICK MAKE was all about making something from anything. Yes, there were rules - because what's creativity without a little bit of structure? I limited myself on how much time I could spend on each composition, which aspect of the photograph I could draw from, and even what tunes I had to be jamming out to at the time.
But even with all those rules, the end result was pure artistic freedom. CLICK MAKE allowed me to break from work, hone my skills through trial and error, and discover new creative avenues I never thought possible. And now, it's a testament to the power of personal projects and the beauty of making something from anything.

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