#KawanPuan is a movement by KOMNAS Perempuan (The National Human Rights Institution of Indonesia) that focuses on helping women who have gone through abuse and assault. In March 2021, two designers decided to choose this cause and have female identifying designers across the world to submit illustrations for a set of postcards. 100% of the revenue of The Gentle Dispatch postcard sets would be donated to this cause to help with medical, psychological, legal or safe house help.

The prompt:
Reflect the past, manifest the future. In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of the badass women that we are and to stay hopeful as we fight towards a safer, more equal future.
The final choice was the piece titled “As Big As Can Be” (left), an illustration that represented my insecurities as a young woman (always awkwardly being the tallest in the room), and also memorable words from my father to my me and my sister: “Think big.

“Rangeen Rooh” (right) — Hindi for Colorful Spirit — depicts the excitement and passion experienced while doing what I love. Reference to light is used to highlight my mind and my eyes, my two primary tools.

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